(at Belger Art Center)
2100 Walnut St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Phone: (816) 474-7316

E-mail: gallery@redstarstudios.org

Website: redstarstudios.org


Red Star Studios

(ceramics studio for multiple artists)

from website - "Red Star Studios provides an enhanced studio environment to further the creative process. It provides a springboard to sustainability for the individual artist as an integral part of sustaining opportunities for creative learning and artistic growth across a broader community.

Red Star Studios takes driven, directed artists and provides them with the ideal environment needed for success. It is within this community that the artist can engage in constructive dialogue and immerse themselves in their work, thus employing and evolving Red Star Studios as an innovative artistic resource.

Red Star Studios stands for quality, opportunity, and uniqueness. It is the base and support for an artist, not the end all to individual discovery."

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