8001 Conser St, Ste. 290
Overland Park, KS 66204

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Phone: (913) 432-1916

E-mail: info@interurbanarthouse.org

Website: interurbanarthouse.org


InterUrban Art House

(artist studios, plus gallery)

from website - "The ArtHouse has two locations located directly across the street from one another. The ArtHouse provides inclusive, stable, affordable and code-compliant space for: 29 art studios providing space for over 40 artists, a classroom, exhibition space, and community cafe.

Since forming in 2012, the ArtHouse has directly served more than 16,094 through 633 events. Our public art exhibits and performances give large audience exposure to local artists in venues including Overland Park Fall Fest (35,000+ attendees) and Johnson County Library Exhibits (504,230 visitors).

We are founded by and staffed 100% by artists. The ArtHouse employs 3 full-time staff members and contracts directly with local artists to teach classes. We regularly engage volunteers in community events and administrative support."

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