1516 East 18th St.
Kansas City, MMO 64108

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Phone: (816) 701-6592

E-mail: ethnicart.interiors@gmail.com

Website: ethnicartgallerykc.com


Ethnic Art Gallery

(fine art gallery)

from website - "Art is a necessity. It exist in ways that we are not always conscious of, whether it is a fade haircut or a full blown afro found during the 60's. Artistic expression through language can be found in our choice of words in any given human interaction. Similarly, EthnicArt Gallery's intention is to create a vehicle to recognize and broaden the depth-and-breadth of artistic expression in the mid-west. The gallery will highlight from an artistic view the many nuances of artistic expression that are often not seen or are simply overlooked.

The framing side of the gallery is dedicated to the preservation of that creative expression for longevity sake. Our vision is to make our patrons aware of the importance of preserving not only art work but also documents, letters or anything that might have some significant value in coming years. Preserving our stories and legacies are a must!"

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