319 East 55th St.
Kansas City, MO 64113

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Phone: (816) 249-2525

E-mail: brandonjacobsgallery@gmail.com

Website: www.brandonjacobsgallery.com/



Brandon Jacobs Gallery

(fine art gallery)

from website - "Brandon Jacobs Fine Art Gallery is located in Kansas City Missouri. We are a Fine Art Gallery offering appraisal services, estate collections and contemporary art. We provide a platform that connects the artist with the most astute collectors nationwide. We are also here to accompany the collector through the process.

We offer on-site curatorial and advisory for both private and corporate collectors as well as a full digital library of all works available from our artists.

The Brandon Jacobs Fine Art gallery provides the perfect atmosphere to relax, observe and understand the art process. We are also available by appointment for a private viewing and consultation.

Brandon Jacobs Fine Art is dedicated to connecting the patrons with valued and collected work."

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