2011 Tracy Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64108

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Phone: (816) 474-7316

E-mail: gallery@redstarstudios.org

Website: www.redstarstudios.org/



Belger Crane Yard Studios

(multi-artist studio and gallery)

from website - "Red Star Studios was started in 1998 by as a way to support both emerging and established ceramic artists, educate the Kansas City community with workshops and classes, and to provide a functioning workspace for ceramicists. Red Star Studios began at an old Red Star Yeast factory, where the cold storage rooms were transformed into studios and kiln rooms. From one factory space to another, the work mentality maintained. Red Star Studios came to be known as the local destination for handmade objects and functional pottery.

Over the course of the last decade, Red Star opened its doors to artists from around the country to participate in their Artist in Residence program. Because of the strong, positive reaction that the program received and the ensuing success that former residents continue to have, Red Star Studios gained the national recognition it has today for being an integral part of the ceramics world. Red Star's uniqueness and creative energy are growing, as new changes have helped expand Red Star's focus onto a broader arts community.

Now, a Belger Foundation partnership is helping Red Star Studios expand its creative community to include media and disciplines in addition to ceramics. This collaboration allows Red Star Studios to strengthen itself as a source for talented up - and - comers and provide them with the balance needed to further their careers. Red Star Studios continues to be a venue and incubator for fresh ideas and new perspectives."

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