1522 Holmes St.
Kansas City, MO 64108-1536

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Phone: (816) 461-0201

E-mail: artstech@artstech-kc.org

Website: www.artstech-kc.org



Arts Tech Gallery

(organization to advance youth art skills)

from website - "ArtsTech's mission is to better the lives of underserved urban youth through the development of marketable artistic, technical, and educational skills. ArtsTech accomplishes this by operating a center for youth enterprise that provides educational services and hands-on training in fine arts and digital literacy, and by building and managing collaborative partnerships that use art and technology as educational tools for the benefit of youth in the community.

ArtsTech is a public/private collaborative venture that offers young people and the community an opportunity to advance their artistic and technological skills in an entrepreneurial business environment. COMBAT, in conjunction with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the Missouri Department of Public Safety, is the key anchor partner with ArtsTech. Involving Storytellers, Inc. in the consortium strengthened the group's creative thinking and connected ArtsTech to the growing local community artist population. "

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