starts - 900 block of New Hampshire St.
Lawrence, KS

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Art Tougeau - Lawrence

(annual art car parade - late spring)

from website - "Art Tougeau was founded in 1997. Knowing that I was interested in making an art car, Carol suggested I organize an art car parade. So it began. The name "Art Tougeau" - a punning rhyme with Art Nouveau - was also my wife's idea (she does have a graduate degree in Art History!). We started with handful of entries...and have grown steadily ever since. With each passing year, Art Tougeau has gained renown in the region and across the country, attracting attracted participants from Houston, Little Rock, Omaha, Wichita and Boston.

Entries range from beautiful to funny to technologically complex to just plain weird... and every one of them is a delight. The morning of the parade is an amazing experience. You never know what to expect, then all these fantastic wheeled pieces start rolling into sight. You can't help but laugh. And, like everyone else, you run from entry to entry shaking your head in amazement."

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